Friendly Hikers Are Very Motivating

Thank you Las Vegas hikers!

I've been working insane hours for work and find little time for much-needed adventures. I've been working them in when possible. I'm a bit out of shape from all of the desk/computer time. However, it felt good to get out. 

I started out on a decent pace and tried to keep it as I moved up the trail. While I tend to prefer to be isolated (except with a hiking buddy) when I hike, I was glad to have other hikers coming and going. Each one seemed to acknowledge each other as they passed. A nod, "hey", "how's it going" with a smile was energizing. 

We were on the Mary Jane Falls hike on the Kyle Canyon side of Mt Charleston. It was very rewarding. By the time I reached the top I was tired and hot. A perfect shower-like waterfall cascaded over the rocks and caves. It was so refreshing to shower and cool down. Within minutes I was exploring the surrounding caves. In each one was a friendly hiker who had no problem conversing and talking about their favorite hikes. 

I had to get home to work so I moved down the mountain at a good pace. It was sure a rewarding hike.

Next time you're out in the hills, remember to be a happy hiker and you'll motivate those around you!



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