Frequent Breaks when Hiking

Walking speed and rest are important while hiking any terrain. Beginners especially should take care not to exert and walk at a steady pace. Jogging or increasing the speed of walking will leave a person exhausted. They will not be able to cover long distance trails or even a one day hike with faster walking speed. Walking at a steady pace and taking frequent breaks will enable them to cover the trail without any difficulty.

Walking speed will vary with different types of terrain. A person used to walking in plains, will find it difficult to walk on mountains or to cross a river. Hence, taking additional breaks during such hikes will help one recoup and enable the person to continue the trail. People who had a sedentary life should try some sort of exercise and walking before venturing into hiking. This is important as they will not be able to cover the trail even if it is a day's hike.

It would be good to start walking for certain duration every day before taking a long strenuous hiking trip. As hiking involves accessing remote areas where no transport can reach, if a person gets exhausted on the way, it is going to be difficult to leave him or her behind. It would also not be possible to get a transport to such area. It is good to do a trail run for short distances before walking on a full trail. You can certainly make the hiking more pleasant by following these simple tips.



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