Essential Supplies when Hiking

There are many lists given by established hikers to carry during hiking. Some of the basic essential supplies includes: food, water, water treatment device, GPS device, knife, mosquito repellent cream, sun glasses etc. First aid kit might also include medications pertaining to the hiker's health condition other than the basic things in the kit. A basic first aid kit should contain adhesive bandage, cotton, antiseptic cream to treat cuts and wounds, torch, scissors, tweezers and thermometer. It will also include basic medicines which are needed during hiking such as pain killers and medications to treat insect or snake bite and allergies, etc.

Water treatment device is very essential as hikers cannot carry large quantity of water as dehydration is a common ailment during long distance hikes. Extra food will also help in surviving the trail. Mosquito or insect repellent creams will help during the camp outs in the night. Fire starters will also help during the night time.

For overnight camping, hikers might need to take extra items such as sleeping bag or tent. Mosquito net and fishing net are useful in case of long distance trails. Signaling device such as flash light, mirrors or whistles will also help during group hiking. Rain coats and rope will also be essential depending on the length of the trail. The essential items will change depending on the type of hiking, distance of the trail and the weather conditions. Packing the right and essential supplies will help hiking to be an enjoyable one.



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