Compass and Map

Compass and maps are basic items which are essential for hiking. Hikers need these items to track their hiking trail. It helps in keeping them on track and prevents them from getting lost. Compass is an instrument which gives the direction to the hikers. The needle in the compass indicates the direction by pointing towards either north, south, east, west or intermediary directions. There are different types of compass available in the market. Choosing the right one depends on the comfort of the hiker using it. Some of the types of compass available are magnetic, liquid, dry and bearing compasses. There are also other types of compass available in the market. Modern compass comes with a GPS tracking device and helps in locating the hikers very easily. Hikers walking in remote areas or free trails prefer this type of compass as it is easier to locate them and also easy to navigate their way.

Map is another important tool to carry during hiking. Map is a diagram representing the geographical area with different land marks. The land marks help the hiker to identify their location and help in advancing their trail. It also helps in case a person is lost and wants to get back to the trail. This makes it easier to locate the different places during hiking trails. Maps are useful for navigating through an existing hiking trail. Hikers on free hiking where no one has previously hiked will need a compass as there will not be maps available for that region.



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