Back pack is an essential item to carry all the supplies for the hiking. Back pack is available in different weights, colors, and style. For long distant hike, light weight back pack is recommended. Traditional back pack usually weighs between 15 kg to 30 kg. However, such heavy back pack will be a strain on hikers. Ultra-light modern back packs are available now in various sizes. Hikers usually prefer back packs that weigh between 10kg to 12kg as it's easier to carry in long distance trails. Choosing the right material, weight and style can make the hiking trip enjoyable and safe. Hikers should also remember to carry the essential supplies and make sure that all the items will fit in the back pack comfortably.

Leaving out unwanted supplies or tools will help reduce the bulk and help in carrying the right items. While buying a back pack, having a list of supplies to be carried in it will help in deciding the right one. Durability of the back pack is also important as it should with stand the wear and tear of hiking. Hikers should choose a back pack which is comfortable to carry and preferably water proof as weather changes are common during long hiking trails. Carrying light weight items and multi- purpose item will also help in reducing the weight of the back pack. Most important thing to remember is that the base weight of the back pack should be less. If the base weight of the back pack is less, hikers can carry more number of items in their bag.



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