Hiking Techniques

Hiking is defined as walking on established trails in natural surroundings. As its just walking, it does not require any special technique. However, there are basic rules to follow and different ways of covering the trail which will help one enjoy the surroundings. This will also help in a safe hiking trip without any accident or injury. The first thing to remember for a comfortable hiking is the outfit. As walking through the woods is strenuous, one should wear comfortable long sleeve clothing. A hat to protect the head from heat and comfortable boots will help to cover ground faster during hiking. Beginners should always move in groups and with an experienced guide. This will help hikers to enjoy the walk and also protect them from getting lost in the trail. A person who has leaded a sedentary life without any form of exercise should opt for half days trail or a full day trail to begin with.

Mountain Hiking Techniques

Hiking on mountains can be a dream for many people, but it is a nightmare if not done right. As it is not a plain and takes more energy to walk a mountain, it is better to maintain a rhythmic walk. It is also essential to take frequent rests in between walking. Over exhaustion and dehydration are common during hiking on mountains. A steady walk should be maintained while hiking on mountains. Bre...


Water Crossing

While on a trail, it can be difficult to cross a river and beginners will require help to cross the river safely. Crossing the water can be risky depending on the depth and force of the water current. Instructions given by the guide should be followed strictly. Shallow water can be easily crossed by holding hands or by just walking carefully. However, if the water is deep, it is better to take s...


Frequent Breaks when Hiking

Walking speed and rest are important while hiking any terrain. Beginners especially should take care not to exert and walk at a steady pace. Jogging or increasing the speed of walking will leave a person exhausted. They will not be able to cover long distance trails or even a one day hike with faster walking speed. Walking at a steady pace and taking frequent breaks will enable them to cover the...


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