About Hiking

Hiking simply means walking in a scenic environment in the lap of nature away from the polluted cities. Hiking is usually an outdoor activity preferred by nature lovers. There are number of hiking trails in many countries that excite hiking enthusiasts. It involves a great deal of walking through mountainous terrain, hence not many people prefer this as their favorite outdoor activity. Studies suggest that hiking may be good for health as it involves physical effort in an unpolluted environment.

Types of hiking

There are different types of hiking for people interested in such activity. One day hiking involves walking from morning till evening and does not involve camping overnight. It is easy for people who want to try out the activity for the first time. Usually, for beginners, there are guides who help them walk through the trail as they are familiar with the surroundings. There are also multi- day hiking trails which involve camping out in the woods. This type of hiking requires experience and preferably done in groups.

Other types of hiking include dog hiking, hill walking, free hiking and heli hiking etc. Dog hiking as the name suggests is hiking with dogs. This is beneficial as the dog can sense the trail and guide the person if he or she is lost. Hill walking is hiking a mountain or a hill. This requires some expertise as it is not a regular walk in a park.

Free hiking is hiking away from the trail. This also needs experience as a person can get lost if they do not follow a hiking trail. Heli hiking is an expensive form of hiking as it requires a drop from a helicopter to a remote area which cannot be reached by any other means of transport. It also requires experience and is preferred in groups as it can be dangerous. Experienced hikers prefer to make their own trails and prefer hiking this way.


Hiking can also be dangerous as a person can easily move away from the trail and lose their way. It is better to hike in groups and preferably with at least one experienced hiker who can guide the rest of the group. Medical emergencies are one of the major hazards as it is difficult to get help in a short time. Other hazards include attack by wild animals, dehydration and sudden weather changes. Sudden weather change can make the path slippery and difficult to follow the trail. Dehydration and diarrhea are some of the common physical ailments complained by the hikers.


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